Pombe ya Tornado na Kosovo imeharaganwa — Varshita

20 April 2019
Wan'gombe and his wife Margaret form an unlikely bond.
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Mr. Wan'gombe is jobless and this fact forces his wife Margaret to take matters into her own hands. Not only has she rallied her fellow women with similar circumstances to her corner, but she has also resolved to raid all the dens that sell pombe haramu ya kosovo na tornado.

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Unknown to the women, Margaret has started producing her own alcohol brand called "Wazee Reloaded". Business is booming and she has managed to change things around her house. Her husband is suspicious and decides to follow her one morning as she leaves for work. He finally finds her deep in the forest brewing her alcohol. When he threatens to go to the chief with the discovery, Margaret allows him to join the business.

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Elsewhere, Manish and Mrs. Bhatt hatch a plot to ensure that Varshita marries Manish. They know that Varshita in a sane mind would never do this so they hatch a plan. They get a love charm and it works wonders on Varshita who not only falls for Manish but she tears the divorce papers she had threatened to sign. 

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Margaret enlists the help of Bobo to assist with the distribution of alcohol in the city. The business booms but at the expense of the Tornado and Kosovo and their owners are not pleased. They rough up Bobo and confiscates the alcohol and money. Margaret doesn't take this lying down and decides to take the matter into her own hands with disastrous consequences.

When she returns to the village, the women have ambushed her den and frog-marched their husbands to the chief. She's left with no choice but to close her business.

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