Pick me ups for the week – Pambio Live

01 November 2021
Encouraging messages to help you get through this week.
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Covid-19 has resulted in many of us withdrawing from our loved ones to protect ourselves. Sometimes it can cause loneliness and withdrawing from our spiritual connections.  Many things have shifted online, including worship of different forms. Pambio Live is a Gospel music show that showcases many talents from Kenya every week. With its dynamic hosts (Bahati and DJ Ruff), and weekly performances, the show continues to touch many hearts while lifting spirits through encouraging messages. Here is a list of five encouraging messages to help you get through this week:

  1. Faith

Faith is having complete trust or confidence in someone or something. Bahati explains how faith can come in different forms and how we can manifest faith this week.

  1. Nothing we do in good faith is ever in vain

Have you ever regretted any good you have done? You are certainly not alone. Bahati gives an encouraging talk on how doing can help us heal and move forward in our week.


  1. Condemnation

As humans we all make mistakes and fall short, however we should never put ourselves in a position to condemn and judge not knowing what awaits us tomorrow.


  1. Overcoming addiction

Addiction is a characterised by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli despite adverse consequences. Overcoming addiction is a huge triumph. Chalizee shares his empowering journey below.


  1. Dealing with anger

Harbouring anger can have detrimental effects in our lives if not confronted well. Bahati shares tips on how to deal with such through the scripture of Job 2 verses 9.



Don’t miss encouraging messages on #PambioLive every Sunday at 2pm on Maisha Magic East, channel 158!