What is Penzi all about?

02 August 2021
Love…...Hard work pays
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“Penzi” is a Swahili word for Love… Being born in a poor family does not mean you’re destined to be poor…. You are able to change your destiny by following your dream and your hard work will make your dream come true .

‘Penzi’ is an intriguing romantic drama about two love birds, Daudi Mcheshi a village comedian from Swahili community and June Godfrey a high learned lady from a rich high society, June meets her soul mate at a family vacation where they were visiting Swahili community to learn more about their culture and Daudi’s father Mr. Yusuf was hosting them. June believes in love at first sight and her first sight of her Mr. right was Daudi and even though he was poor that didn’t deter her from falling for him and within no time their love story started.

Daudi is a talented comedian who lives with his dad Yusuf and his young sister Mariam.The family is poor and their only livelihood is Daudi’s shows and fishing. During the Swahili cultural event Mr. Yusuf Mswahili was one of the organizers and he was responsible for Mr. Godfrey and his family’s accommodation and entertainment during the event. Mr. Yusuf was an able to secure accommodation for them hence he decided to change his house to an apartment without notifying the visitors.

Mr. Godfrey Zach and his wife Sharon Zach with their beautiful daughter June Zach had no problem with the place till they realized their daughter is having an affair with the pathetic village man and to crown it all his father is a conman because they learned the place wasn’t a cottage but their home. Mr Godfrey and his family left in protest.

Daudi being madly in love he convinced his father and they both went to town to look for June’s family and see if they can set things straight and asked for June’s hand in marriage. Things fell apart when the meet with June’s family Mr. Godfrey chased them away and he said they have no time with poor people, his daughter will be married by a rich man like them and what really hurt them most was June was not on their side but little they know that June was being threatened if she won’t be on her father’s side they will be jail for fraud.

Daud was very furious and he cursed himself for having been born in a poor family and that reason he started taking his talent serious and believed on himself. He went for an audition where a company wanted a comedian and that is when his life and his family changed, he landed himself a very lucrative deal. And his success came through the help of a renowned producer who fell in love with him.

The dilemma is:-

· Now that Daudi is rich will Mr. Godfrey allow him to marry his daughter?.

· Who will Daudi continue with his love of life even after knowing the truth that June was protecting her father not to be charged for fraud.

Stay tuned for this tantalizing love triangle drama which is full of suspense, humor, drama, betrayal and love.