Paul and Elizabeth: A love story

09 August 2018
Liz and Paul are on different points when it comes to when they met, however, the one thing they are sure of is their love for each other.
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Liz and Paul's friendship begun with simple tea dates that over the years grew into a great relationship. It culminated in the proposal referred to as the Agakhan walk declaration.

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They started off as friends - each with their own partners but due to church commitments, they met often. Elizabeth's first impression of Paul is that he found him 'reserved' and quiet'. Paul, on the other hand, noticed her but could not date her since he was a tutor for a course that Liz was attending. 

Months went by and one day Paul invited Liz to his house for tea.  His presentation wowed her since he went all out - from the presentation to the Bruno Mars music in the background.  Soon they started dating and they have been inseparable since. 

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For her dress, Liz was fortunate to get it from her good friend. It was a flowing mermaid dress which she accessorized with a headpiece, a bracelet, and a pearl necklace. 

For the groom, he went for a burgundy tuxedo with a black collar, black trousers, white shirt and a black bow-tie. 

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For the wedding, the two face several challenges including having to take an uber for the church service but nothing would stop them from having a fun dance-filled day to match their joy.

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