Patricia gets an organ transplant — Selina

22 June 2019
Thanks to Nelson, there's hope that Patricia will have a new lease of life.
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When Dr. Leshan broke the sad news to Patricia that she had only two months to live, everyone was worried especially, Nelson.

We saw a caring side of Nelson. Despite the outcome of his wedding and being thrown out of the house by his mother, he was still concerned about her. 

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However the pressure of being at home and Selina being married to Biko, he opts to move out. Unfortunately, he has an accident that leaves him unconscious. Selina is able to find him and takes him to the hospital. After tests are done, it turns out that he is the same blood group as Patricia. 

Meanwhile, Patricia's health is deteriorating by the day. Reagan had been approached by Nelson earlier to donate his kidney but his father Luke talks him out of it. 

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Selina manages to arrange for Nelson to be transported to the same hospital where Patricia is so that they can proceed with the transplant. At this point, it is only he, Dr. Leshan and Selina know what is going on and agree to keep it that way. 

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The transplant goes on as scheduled and Patricia pulls through. Nelson also pulls through but with some complications which are quickly attended to by Dr. Leshan.

Its a game of hide and seek for Selina and Luke, Zoe and Reagan as they sense she's hiding something. None of them know that Nelson is the donor. 

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On the other hand, Zakayo gifts Biko and Selina with their honeymoon au fungate. At first, Selina is not keen to go but after Kristina reveals that Zakayo has used up all his savings to pay for it, she agrees to go. 

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Zoe again finds herself in hot water when Reagan discovers that Shoks is a criminal thanks to the front page picture in the newspaper. The picture was taken when they were handing over money, supposedly for Shoks NGO. One of the employees at the Mackenzies describes him as 'jambazi sugu' moving Reagan to report him to the police. 

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At the hospital, Biko mentions to Nelson that he and Selina are going for honeymoon. He is unhappy with the news. He disguises himself as a doctor, goes to his mother's room, bids her goodbye and leaves the hospital.  

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In Biko's house, Zakayo haves a heart to heart chat with Selina and asks her whether they really love each other. She convinces her father they are - although her heart is with Nelson. Infact they have been putting up an appearance that they love each other but the reality is that their marriage is a sham.

However, to prove to her father that they love each other when Biko walks in, she hugs and kisses him. They pack and leave for their honeymoon.

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