Patricia becomes petty – Selina

12 November 2020
In the midst of dealing with the breakdown of her marriage, Madam Patricia continues to put on a brave face
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Patricia thought she got her happy ever after when Dr Leshan proposed to her. She was overjoyed and over the moon about the beginning of a new chapter in her life. For a woman her age, with many accomplishments under her belt she thought a fairytale ending wasn’t in the cards for her.

However not long after the wedding, Patricia caught Dr Leshan having an affair with her assistant Cate. She was absolutely devastated and embarrassed. Cate is from America and had recently moved to Kenya to work as an assistant for the hospital. She is younger and fresh and Patricia felt jealous.

After Patricia and Dr Leshan attempt to work on their marriage, things prove to not be going so smoothly. Patricia still had to see Cate at work and she became spiteful towards her. She began to embarrass her and manages to move all her stuff from the main office to the backroom. Patricia is determined to make Cate’s life a misery. How far will she go?

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