OPWKe: Neema and Junae

13 December 2017
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The two lovebirds begin their story as an office romance. Junae is outgoing bold and audacious while Neema is silent and very private. Despite their contrasting personalities, Neema is in love with Junae. She is however hesitant to introduce Junae to her family. Her mum has an idea of the type of person she would want as a son-in-law and sadly Junae falls short of that.

Junae doesn’t make things any easier when he plans an elaborate plan for his proposal which involved him lying he is out of town and walking in a restaurant with another lady, while Neema is there.  Fortunately she accepts the proposal and introduces him to her family. The other issue is Junae is orthodox Coptic and he wants the wedding to be officiated there. Neema’s family has a few reservations since they don’t subscribe to the same doctrine but eventually agree to have a very interesting Coptic wedding.

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