OPW Kenya: Njeri and Morgan

23 August 2018
Njeri and Morgan are clearly in love and meant for each other na wako na marafiki wa nguvu.
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It's clear that Morgan is totally besotted by his love Njeri - and he's not afraid to show it. When the two lovebirds first met at the Catholic University, they didn't notice each other. Njeri was visiting her friends at the university while Morgan worked there.

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As fate would have it, they met again in Mombasa - where they were both on a trip with their friends. They spent some time together and left Mombasa as friends. 

As their relationship blossomed, Morgan appreciated Njeri's intelligence, her way of thinking and her good heart. Njeri, on the other hand, appreciated his maturity. 

Their preparations. 

For her gown, Njeri went for the mermaid look and a detachable A-line gown skirt which she wore to the church ceremony. At the reception, she detached the skirt. 

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For the cake, the couple chose a rich fruit cake - Morgan's favourite. It was made with nuts, raisins, black currants, sultanas and cherries. The theme of the cake was country/farm feel - something that Morgan enjoys doing.

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For the suits, Morgan wore a navy blue floral jacket with a black velvet collar, a white shirt, black trousers and an African print bow-tie which matched the bridesmaid's dresses. 

The wedding 

The groom and his groomsmen started their day with a shot of whisky and finished off with an emphatic "WABE"! That was enough to put them in high spirits and psyche them up for the wedding. 

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The favourite part was the exchange of vows. The poet in Morgan came out - and even the pastor was in awe! 

"Let me ashame you with my love", my BFF, my friend - Morgan 


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After the exchange of vows and the KISS, they were officially pronounced as Mr and Mrs Ngumbi! In true rugby style, the boys crowned the moment with another WABE!

For the reception, the couple and their friends and family walijimbamba tu sana. It was an amazing wedding ceremony.

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