OPW Kenya: Jeremiah and Margaret

17 May 2018
Despite being told that their relationship will last only 6 months, the have been together for 10 years. Here's their story.
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For Jeremiah, its was love at first sight. He first noticed Margaret at a shop, where he had gone to buy some items. The shop was owned by Margaret's friend whom she frequently visited. 

Jeremiah expressed his interest in Margaret through his friend and they started dating. 4 months into the relationship, he decided to formalize their relationship by taking her to visit his family.

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Having come from different backgrounds, they were not accepted by their families. Some of the family members went as far as giving them only 6 months to be together. But ten years and two children later, they are still together and their love is stronger than when they met. They couldn't wait to formalise their relationship.

And as per the custom Maisha Magic East was there to witness the celebration. 

The Ruracio

Coming from different cultural backgrounds meant that each had their own way of handling things. First before the grooms' family could talk, they had to be fed. One of the delicacies was a traditional chicken, cooked in a specific way. 

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After they negotiations were done it was time to fit their outfits. Their colour scheme was white, blue, brown and gold. For his suit, Jeremiah chose a Chinese collar design with blue embroidery on white. and he looked the part. 

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Margaret on the other hand was gifted with her wedding gown - and it looked stunning on her. She wore them with grey open wedges. 

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When the groom was done, they went to their parents home for breakfast. As per custom, they ate a meal of fried chicken and ugali made with sorghum flour.

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The wedding day 

Margaret was in for a surprise. She knew that Jeremiah had organized a car - perhaps a land rover. But to her surprise a limo pulled in to pick her and she arrived in church in style. 

Her walk down the aisle was made with short steps as Jeremiah, fighting tears, patiently waited for her in front. 

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They exchanged their vows as their two children, Michelle and Jason watch and officially became Mr and Mrs Mukabane. 

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Here are images of the reception:

The cake

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