OPW Kenya: Bedan and Grace

21 June 2018
It was love at first kiss.
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Imagine kissing at your very first meeting with your partner?

Well, that is exactly what happened to Grace and Bedan. At a social event that they were both in, Bedan first noticed Grace mingling with her friends. He describes his first impression of Grace as 'the mother hen" of the group.

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Although it wasn't love at first sight, there was something about her that drew him to her. As Grace scanned around in the room and their eyes met. "He had the most intriguing smile", she admits. 

It didn't stop there.

When they started chatting, she asked for his name and when he said Bedan Pere - she didn't believe it. Then Bedan asked if he proved that it was indeed his name, what would be the price. Without giving much thought to it, Grace said "a kiss"!

Of course, Grace was wrong, but that spontaneous moment marked the start of their romance and today they share with us their beautiful moments leading up to their big day. 

Wedding preparations

For Bedan he chose an off-white suit with a touch of navy blue and black shoes. For his groomsmen, they wore navy blue suits with a touch of red and black shoes

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For Grace, she went for a mermaid dress that's fitting at the top and flowing at the bottom. For her hair, she settled on a weave that complimented her looks. Her bridesmaids wore red dresses and black shoes to complete the look.

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The D-Day

As per the Luyha custom, the bride's breakfast is prepared by her grandmother. So for Grace, her sweet granny prepared ugali ya wimbi and fried chicken. 

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On the day of the wedding, Bedan remembered that he had forgotten to buy Grace a gift! But this best man was on hand to assist with this and the silver bracelet with a love heart detail was delivered to the bride just in time before she left her house. Bedan also wore his silver necklace before the church ceremony.

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Walking down the aisle was a dream come true for the bride and Bedan could not hide his joy as she made her way to the front.

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Bedan decided to let his vows flow rather than having a scripted one and after their exchange of vows, they were both adorned with Maasai ornaments as part of the culture.

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The reception was filled with song and dance and many happy moments. As for their honeymoon, they don't have to worry about it because they won a honeymoon courtesy of Maisha Magic East. 

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