'One In A Million' Coming Soon to Maisha Magic East

25 May 2015
OIAM (2)

Have you ever tried your hand in a jack pot prize competition and actually won?

Like the title suggests, there’s always a one in a million chance that one can ever stumble across great fortune, especially if it involves entering such random competitions. But not the Bolo family- they hit the jackpot!
The story revolves around the Bolo’s, a humble family of four consisting of Jacinta, Gidraff and their two kids Riqo and Kabi.

Gidraff is plumber who has incurred too many debts. His son wants to be a musician and is waiting for his big break. Kabi gets herself busy with promotion jobs but they are running broke. But one fine day, Jacinta tries her luck in a game promotion and wins the jackpot prize-a house!

They move from their old, ran down hood Mchanganiwa, to their new four bedroomed apartment in the suburbs. They however lose their furniture because of Mr.Bolo’s unpaid debts and are met by the unwelcoming care-taker/owner Mr. Quentin. Will they fit in to their neighborhood?

Catch the Bolo’s in this new series ‘One In A Million’ set to air on 3rd June at 8pm on Maisha Magic East DStv channel 158 and GOtv 4.