On the next episode of Ultimate Comic!

18 January 2018
It has been 5 great weeks going through the knock out stages of Ultimate Comic and the audience is ready for the final round before the quarter finals!
UC EP 12 Article. MC tricky

Our contestants seem ready and the mentors have been at it night and day, ensuring the Judges will be impressed with the contestants’ fresh, new, authentic content. Group six is in the proverbial ‘arena’ this Saturday and we hope the best comedic gladiators make the cut. Who will be participating in this round?  Meet Group 6 contestants! 


Their Mentor, MC Tricky is a seasoned stand-up comedian, performer and self-proclaimed MCA! Ultimate Comic fans are in for an evening of rib-cracking comedy and excitement on this week’s episode. Obviously, the show is nothing without the eccentric and entertaining reactions from our beloved judges! 

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Do not miss the show, Saturday at 8:30pm only on Maisha Magic East! Participate, share and comment on our Social Media platforms to keep this conversation going!