Nonini and Collo make epic comeback

25 August 2015

34 mchezo na ganji square 2 01

Most of us grew up listening to Nonini and Collo. Who doesn't remember the catchy and somewhat scandalous tunes that used to hit the airwaves back then?

Great news, the Godfather of Genge an King of Rap are back, with a musical collabo that is yet to make us relieve the epic days!

Nonini and Collo have finally come together on one track in the song: MCHEZO NA GANJI. Nonini features Collo in the song produced by Dillie of Johari Cleft Studios.

MCHEZO NA GANJI fuses Music and Sports – paramount elements of Kenya’s culture and identity. “Sports without music is just a game and music adds the life to it making it all more entertaining,” says the collaborators.

This one is a special dedication to the Kenyan youth – who are all about talent be it sports, arts or music. Most people might take it for granted that we have invested in our talent but like the experts say, “Hii Mchezo wanafikiria ni Mchezo ... Ndio Ganji!”

Both Nonini and Collo have had a big role in shaping Kenya’s urban music scene and remained consistent in their craft for over a decade.

You can watch their studio session here and don't forget to watch the best of East African hits every Monday to Friday at 5pm on DStv 158 and GOtv 4

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