Njoro wa Uba is stuck between two cities

17 June 2021
Mombasa is good for him, but his past keeps taking him back to Nairobi.
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When Njoro wa Uba lived in Nairobi, his life was in chaos. It was a breath of fresh air when he decided to move to the coastal city of Mombasa. The customers he serviced were friendlier, he got better tips and even his love life improved. Additionally, his dream of settling in with his daughter, Stacy became a reality when she moved from Dubai to settle with him in Mombasa for good.

As Njoro tried to navigate between his full-time job as a parent and his taxi business, he realised the extent to which parents make sacrifices for their children and vice versa. However, they soon got into a routine and seemed to be happy to be together. Additionally, his new flame, Mwajuma added joy to his life.

Just when things started to look up for him, his past came knocking again, forcing him to make painful and difficult decisions. 

Njoro received a disturbing call from Cess’s sister. Ever since Cess found out that Njoro is the father of her child – and not her boyfriend, Koome – she drowned her sorrows in alcohol. Fearing for his son, Njoro packed his bags and returned to Nairobi.

What will this mean for his relationship with Mwajuma? Will Cess finally accept him as the father of her child? What will happen when his mother-in-law, Jezebel finds out that Njoro has another child with someone else?

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