Njoro’s worst rides – Njoro wa Uba

07 September 2021
As a popular taxi driver, Njoro has had his fair share terrible experiences.
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As much as Njoro enjoys working as a taxi driver, he unfortunately has come across some clients in his trips that have made him uncomfortable, scared or just angry. Here is a list of Njoro’s trips that have not been enjoyable:


  1. Njoro gets involved in an accident

After having a rough morning, Njoro’s day gets worse when he gets involved in a car accident and the person in the other car tries to extort money from him despite her vehicle not having any damage.


  1. Boyfriend thinks Njoro was flirting with his girlfriend.

Njoro drives a couple who haven’t seen each other in months, the boyfriend is Kenyan, and the girlfriend is from Holland. Unfortunately, the boyfriend does not speak English and Njoro starts a conversation with her about her travels. The boyfriend gets jealous, thinking that Njoro was flirting with his girlfriend and quickly the situation gets out of hand.


  1. Njoro drivers a woman scamming tourists.

Life is hard in Nairobi and people are doing anything to make money. Njoro finds himself driving around an escort and her client. The escort makes Njoro lie about the price of the ride for her to get a cut of the money.


  1. Njoro drives a couple after the wife catches her husband cheating

After the wife discovers her husband has been having an affair, she forces him to come back home and Njoro gets the privilege to drive the fighting couple home.


  1. When a mother uses Njoro as an example of life failure.

Njoro gets to drive a mother and son duo to the son’s exam which he did not study for. The mother takes this opportunity to take a dig at Njoro and call him a failure in life because he is a taxi driver.

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