New shows, same magic this October – Maisha Magic Plus

02 October 2020
Here’s what we’ve lined up for you this month.
anda kava, varshita

October will be a month to remember on Maisha Magic Plus, Kenya’s leading -tv channel. From new shows, to brand new seasons of your favourite programmes; this is what you can look forward to.


Three big premieres

Chozi Season 1 | Starts Sunday 4 October 2020 | 8pm

Chozi is a 45-minute docu-drama that narrates real-life stories of people who went through tragic moments that ultimately changed their lives. Fictional characters enact these stories to make the show interactive and to also give the audience a more dramatic spin.


Anda Kava Season 1 | Starts Tuesday 27 October | 7pm

Hezekiah and Tosh return for another round of laughs on a brand-new season of Anda Kava.

Varshita  Season 4 | Starts Wednesday 28 October | 7 pm

Varshita is a culturally specific comedy about love and relationships. It explores the struggles of culture, societal expectations and racial bias in relationships.

Here’s what to expect from the rest of our line-up:

Kina | Monday to Friday | 8pm

A lot has happened on Kina this week. After Nana finds out what happened between Sharon and Fred, she vows to teach them a lesson. She decides to kill both of them. However, Jabali and Detective Juma stop her in good time before her heinous act is followed through. Sharon however, faces Nana’s wrath. She lures her to the national park and has her fed to the lions.


Meanwhile, Onyi and Lefti are in deep trouble as the entire police force is after them. Will they make it out of this alive? How will the Tandalas react to the news of Sharon’s death? Be sure to follow the drama every weekday to find out.


Kovu | Monday to Friday | 6:30 pm

Ruby confronts Alisa about how she pampers Roy, whilst Rosa feels she has had enough of the Haze drama. She wants to resign, but her secret boyfriend advises her otherwise. Shady proves to be a friend indeed for Rina, while Linnet threatens to expose Carlos if he doesn’t stay out of her way.

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Nganya | Tuesday and Wednesday | 7 pm

Enjoy double-bill episodes of Nganya every Tuesday and Wednesday on Maisha Magic Plus. This week things don’t look good for Daisy, and Jamoe needs a favour from Kevo to find her. Meanwhile, Gathee is forced to drop a car in the bush for Moss, but he might be too emotional to complete the task.


Njoro wa Uba | Friday | 7 pm

This week, Njoro is homeless. With no place to spend the night, Njoro parks by the roadside but realizes the city is not kind to the homeless. He has no choice but to grudgingly turn to the one person left who can help him – Jezebel.


Sol Family | Sunday | 7:30 pm

This week, the Sauti Sol band go for a retreat at an undisclosed location. They exercise, rehearse and celebrate Savara’s birthday. We also get to meet their stylist Babu Brian.

Here's the last episode in case you missed it

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