New on Maisha Magic Movies this August

05 August 2021
What’s hot this month!
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In the spirit of keeping the month of August entertaining for you, Maisha Magic Movies is rolling out a slew of new additions, including underrated local gems, drama, comedy, and some original classics from the shores of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Enjoy!

Flowers and Bricks

Starring Edwin Kamau, George Salt, Gerald Langiri, Nice Githinji amidst other stars, this movie follows the story of a poor but honest foreman trying to build his small house on a plot out of town. Unfortunately, his efforts are curtailed when his wife cheats on him.

Jumba Bovu

What happens when a schoolgirl gets pregnant by her lover but chooses another man to take responsibility for it, leaving the man to suffer humiliation for a crime he did not commit? Find out on August 5 at 5:00pm EAT.


Premiering on Maisha Magic Movies on August 6 at 6:35 EAT, this drama-filled movie showcases a woman tired of living a life of poverty with her husband and goes on to visit a witch doctor for charms to make quick money. Things start to go south when she realizes that what the witch doctor gives her ends up ruining her marriage.


If you’re a fan of Lucky Collins and Patrick Owino, you should totally look out for their faces in this movie on August 9 at 4:00pm EAT. It shows the extent greed for money and jealousy for love leads to regret and a painful death.

Forced Relation

Greed leads a mother to give away her young daughter into marriage to an old man, in exchange for land. The worst comes to play when the girl escapes to her longtime lover. What happens next? Don’t miss the launch of this movie on August 12 at 9:30pm EAT.

Fly on the Web

This movie follows the story of a married man found dead in his hotel room, after spending a night with the daughter to the legendary High Court Judge. Coming to Maisha Magic Movies on August 14 at 9:30pm EAT.

Heroes wa Mtaa

Directed by Kahaki Munthali, four boys from the ghetto try and achieve justice the best way they know how after their friend is wrongfully murdered, but things take a turn for the worse. How bad can it go? Catch this Kenyan movie on August 18 at 6:00pm EAT.

Duty Call

Angela is in the police force and when her father who is senior police is murdered, her colleague Daniel tries to frame her for the murder. Duty Call premieres on August 19 at 5:00pm EAT.


A social media platform joins two strangers who link to a third party, forming a love triangle only to reveal a twist.

What could the twist possibly be? Find out on Maisha Magic Movies on 20 August at 7:25pm EAT.

Wimbi la Bahari

Mirada's choice of a husband is compromised when her father starts taking dowry from every male around. This becomes a great confusion when Mirada doesn't know what to do. Who will she end up getting married to? This movie launches on DStv channel 141 on August 25 at 6:30pm EAT.

Atoki Mtu

A man visits an area looking for accommodation and after a lady welcomes him, he gets robbed. While trying to get his essentials, he learns how hard it is to get out of the area. This movie filled with drama, suspense and sprinkles of thrills hits your screens on August 26 at 6:05pm EAT.


Kato thinks Grace is a bore, and therefore not worthy of hanging out with him, until he eventually begins to accept her, and it brews into a special friendship. Is this a love story? Set your alarms for August 28 at 7:40pm EAT on Maisha Magic Movies.

Which of these movies are you looking forward to watching?