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29 April 2016
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auntieboss19 April

In the fashion of any true Game of Thrones® fan, winter is here both with the new Season 6 on M-Net Edge and the fact that Nairobi stubbornly is beckoning on winter.

But we all know GoT isn’t here to please anyone. Even as we prepare to dance with dragons and look around for traces of Jon Snow’s ressurection, hearts will be broken. And so we thank God for the new shows on Maisha Magic East (158) that will wash down the bitter taste of GoT twists and surprises.

Luckily for us, we are already walking down that road of happy endings with And They Lived Happily Ever After that looks at marriages that work despite the ups and downs. This week on Tuesday at 19:30, it features the House of Grace ministers Nina and Tony Njoroge who take us through their 11-year-old union and how they learnt to share house roles. No Red Weddings or Purple Weddings to spoil our mood here.

Another GoT antidote that you will certainly yearn for is a lot of humour, the kind that Auntie Boss packs so generously. Featuring a talented cast that includes Maqbul and Eve D’Souza, Auntie Boss takes a comical look at the men and women who rule the household and by that I mean househelps. Even with the everyday drama, Auntie Boss will tickle even your driest bones when it starts on Tuesday 5 May at 19:30 EAT.

Also making a comeback to the MME universe is the hit telenovela The Colour of Passion from Tuesday 5 May at 21:30 EAT. Like GoT, there is war and treachery in this one but at least, you are always sure of a happy ending. The same goes for the new Swahili telenovela Saida where a forbidden love fights for survival, Monday to Friday at 20:30.

Remember how proposals in GoT are always about power play, manipulation, hidden agendas and ultimately destruction? Well, at least not in My Perfect Proposal that debuts on Thursday 7 May at 19:30 EAT. My Perfect Proposal takes you behind the scenes on what couples go through before that life changing "Will you marry me?"

More new shows to look forward to on MME:

Dunda Mix starts on Tuesday 5 May at 17:00 EAT.

Wasanii starts on Thursday 7 May at 20:00 EAT.

Comedy Club starts on Thursday 7 May at 19:30 EAT.

Article by Jennifer Ochieng for DStv Kenya

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