Nelson is the secret donor — Selina

13 July 2019
..and Patricia couldn't be a happier mum!
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The secret is finally out. Nelson risked his life to save his mother! Dr. Leshan, Nelson, and Selina were the only people who knew it and they decided to keep it that way for safety reasons. However when there was a crisis in the office and fingers were pointing to Nelson, Dr. Leshan decided to let come to Nelson's defense and let the secret out. Patricia couldn't have been proud of her son and had to let the whole world know.

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She made the announcement in the office, where every worker was working hard to beat the Star Fashions deadline. In the midst of all the pressure, Zoe was burning to speak to Selina. Babu had been kidnapped by Shoks and he was asking for KShs 2 million as a ransom. With nothing more to steal from the Mackenzies house, she was left with no option but to ask Selina to help. And that takes a lot of guts given the history they have had. 

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Meanwhile, Babu wakes up at the kidnapper's house and is offered food. We see a softer side to Shoks to feels a connection with Babu. After Selina agrees to help Zoe, she demands that she too accompanies her to rescue Babu. She takes the money meant for the supplier and both drive to Shoks hideout. Unknown to them, Biko follows them to find out what they are up to. And he arrives on time..Dimore wants to double-cross Shoks while Shoks wants both the money and Babu.

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Thanks to Biko's intervention and reasoning for Shoks takes the money and runs, but swearing to come back for Babu.

Back at the Mackenzies, the supplier comes knocking and demands his money from Nelson. After being unsuccessful in reaching Selina and Biko, he decides to check the safe in Selina's office. To his surprise, the money is not there. He decides to check the camera and sees Selina taking the money. What could she be taking the money for? 

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When they return to the office, Nelson is ready for Selina. He asks her about the money but before she answers Biko says its already taken care of. Nelson phones the supplier and sure enough, he has been paid. How did Biko pull that off? Anyway, that's a story for another day. That action causes Nelson closer to Selina, seeks an apology and confesses his love for her. 

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Just when Biko thinks things are okay, Maggy phones him with the unexpected news - she is pregnant! How will this new development affect their relationships?

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