Nelson and Selina are engaged! — Selina

15 February 2019
Just in time for Valentines, the two love-birds get engaged - but for a different reason.
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So Biko has made a comeback as Bitok, a happily married man to a gorgeous lady called Myra or is it Margaret? He is hell-bent on seeking revenge on Selina and Nelson. Selina with the help of Patricia seek ways to entrap him so that he reveals his true self to no avail. 

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First, Selina invites Bitok and Myra to dinner in Biko's house. Bitok also comes up with a plan. He asks Selina to give him a job and he's offered a position at The House of Mackenzies.  Selina takes Bitok to the House of Batiste with the hope that being there will make him reveal his true identity but anakaa ngumu. 

Bitok takes it even further. He begs Selina to offer him and Myra accommodation and after consulting with Patricia, they agree that he moves in. On the day they move in Nelson is released from prison and a party is held in his honor. This makes him very uncomfortable but he continues to play it cool. 

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They are almost giving up on trapping. However, Rebecca, Selina's friend has a wild idea. Nelson and Selina should have a fake engagement! This action catches Bitok by surprise.

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Although it may feel like a fake engagement, Nelson and Selina pour out their real feelings for each other..clearly showing they are so much in love. 

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