Nairobi To Welcome Africa Nouveau

01 September 2015
Africa Nouveau

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If you've ever been a loyal and true fan of 'Blankets and Wine' then you'll agree that right from the start, this unique event set the pace for most of our underground and... brilliant... local musicians to showcase their talent to the world.

I remember getting down to the 'Villagers Band' at the earlier Blankets edition and since then i was converted to a 'Villager' ... (yes)... Don't get me started on the 3 day Blankets and Wine festival that brought down the likes of Mi Casa and Mafikizolo. That edition was just the one wasn't it?

However, most will agree that the event sparkle has since waned over time, and with the entry of new comers Koroga Festival, Nairobians are spoiled for choice.

But guess what? As the legendary phoenix from the cold ashes reincarnates into a beautiful, fiery living creature, is just the same way Blankets and Wine has done. Say hello to their new baby- The '‘Africa Nouveau' festival!

‘Africa Nouveau,’ will be a two-day festival designed by the B & W team to showcase the most innovative, trend-setting artists on the continent. On the 5th & 6th of September 2015, you will be introduced to the most progressive musicians, visual and digital artists, DJ-Producers, fashion designers, foodies and fashionistas from all over Africa and its diaspora in a new physical space at the Ng’ong Racecourse in Nairobi.

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So are you ready for Africa Nouveau? Keep it here, as the proud media sponsors, we'll updating you with the list of musicians, fashion houses and the program line-up of the epic 2-day festival!
Meanwhile, you can beat the long queues at the gate and buy your Africa Nouveau day or weekend passes  in advance.

Ticket prices are as follows:

Saturday Day Pass: Ksh 1500

Sunday Day Pass: Ksh 1500

Weekend Pass: Ksh 2500

Buy your ticket now!

Follow their official account on instagram @africanouveau and @maishamagiceast for regular updates on the festival