Movies for this week: 12 - 16 June

12 June 2017
Make sure you check what movies we have in store for you on Maisha Magic East!

Every weekday at 10am you can watch movies on Maisha Magic East. Make sure you check what we have in store for your morning movies here:

The Tenant: this movie is about prejudices that people have on others just because they seem different from them. Catch it this Tuesday on Maisha Magic East.

On Wednesday watch Project Revenge: A high- flying news anchor is living the dream. He meets two ladies at a party and goes home with one of them but his wild night is caught on tape and blackmail begins.

Shortfall: Lenny’s family is disappointed in him when he fails to graduate after 7 years in medical school. He resorts to alcoholism. Can he be helped? Watch it and find out this Thursday, 15th of June.

To end off with Friday, watch You can't hack this: Merci blackmails Edgar a brilliant computer student to hack into his boss's computer and frames him for the robbery.

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