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04 February 2022
The year just got started and we already have our top picks.
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We can’t get over these movies showing on Maisha Magic Movies and since their debut on the channel, everyone has been talking about them. These are the buzziest movies that rocked our screens this year – these are the movies we’ve already seen and loved, so you need to trust this list.

You should totally check them out:

Almost Perfect

Starring Connie Kabarry (Kenya) and Nonso Diobi (Nigeria), this movie is centered on love, friendship, betrayal and trust. A Kenyan lady travels to Nigeria and attracts the attention of a handsome man. Kidnaps, abductions, and violence ensues as the lady tries to survive the onslaught. They fall in love and get married, until this attracts the wrath of a jealous friend who happens to also be in love with the Nigerian man.

Need more reasons to watch?

Mgambo Wa Kijiji

An exploitative village ranger is used to a life of privilege, until he impregnates a schoolgirl, and the villagers are challenged to act. 

Hanged for Love

A young handsome guy Steve who a steadily falls in love with a beautiful girl Mia who had suffered from a prolonged menstrual.

Not Without My Love

Not Without My Love follows the story of Rony, an overly jealous man struggles to be at peace in his long-term relationship.

Mapicha Picha

Zuwena gets into a relationship with a rich man with the aim of extorting him. She partners with a young photographer to take private photos that she uses to blackmail him.

Which of them have you seen?