Multichoice Talent Factory movies to watch in February

25 January 2024
In the heart of Kole, a village steeped in tradition and rich history, unfolds a compelling story of privilege, betrayal, and redemption in the film 'Somewhere in Kole', a Multichoice Talent Factory project.

Somewhere in Kole

Directed by the talented duo Edgar Hudson and Lynn Gitau, the movie introduces us to Masanyu, a 20-year-old YouTuber thrust into an unexpected role as the heir to the chiefdom in his late father's village.

Masanyu is initially living a life of privilege in the city, blissfully unaware of the responsibilities awaiting him in Kole. The narrative takes a dramatic turn when he is called upon to preside over a crucial ritual. The tension heightens as Masanyu faces opposition from his uncle, who is determined to thwart Masanyu's ascent to the chiefdom.

Fuelled by a desire to prove himself, Masanyu enlists the help of his city friends to undergo a series of challenging tests. Despite the odds stacked against him, Masanyu triumphs, only to be blindsided by a devastating betrayal orchestrated by his conniving uncle. The sabotaged ritual ceremony results in Masanyu's banishment from Kole, leaving him disillusioned and questioning his identity.

As the protagonist returns home, he grapples with the harsh reality of his banishment. However, Masanyu's journey takes an unexpected turn when he learns of his uncle's guilt in orchestrating his downfall. Fuelled by a newfound sense of purpose, Masanyu sets out on a mission to right the wrongs and reclaim his rightful place as the heir to the chiefdom.

The stellar cast, featuring Brian Furaha, Chris Gitau, Mugambi Ikiara and James Webbo, brings the characters to life with authenticity and depth. The collaborative effort of directors Edgar Hudson and Lynn Gitau ensures a seamless and captivating storytelling experience.

Full Time Husband

In 'Full Time Husband', directors Habtamu Mekonen and Juif Joseph weave a captivating narrative around Mulongo, an unemployed full-time husband portrayed by the talented Moses Kiema. The movie explores the intricate dynamics of marriage, deception, and the pursuit of justice against a backdrop of suspense and intrigue.

Mulongo's life takes a drastic turn when he decides to divorce his businesswoman wife, Julia. Dissatisfaction in their marriage prompts Mulongo to make a life-altering decision, but fate has other plans for him. On the very day of his resolution, Mulongo becomes an unwitting witness to a shocking crime committed by Julia – a murder that shatters the illusion of a failing marriage.

Fearing for the safety of himself and his son, Mulongo takes refuge in a recreation center, attempting to escape the clutches of Julia's hired men. The pursuit is relentless, leading to an unsuccessful escape attempt that brings Mulongo back to the very heart of the danger – his own home. Julia's behaviour oscillates between violence and false affection, creating a tense and unpredictable atmosphere.

Determined to expose the truth and ensure justice prevails, Mulongo gathers evidence of Julia's crimes and collaborates with the police. Nick Jason and Zazira Kariuki deliver compelling performances as key figures in Mulongo's quest for justice, adding depth and intensity to the storyline. The collaborative efforts of the cast under the direction of Mekonen and Joseph create a seamless blend of suspense and emotional resonance.

Catch 'Somewhere in Kole' movie on Saturday 10 February at 9.30pm on Maisha Magic Plus (DStv Channel 163 and GOtv 2), and Maisha Magic East (Dstv Channel 158)

'Full Time Husband' will air on Saturday 3 February at 9.30pm on Maisha Magic Plus (DStv Channel 163 and GOtv 2), and Maisha Magic East (Dstv Channel 158).