More money, more problems — Varshita

18 January 2021
After their recent change of fortune, the Wang’ombes have been anything but happy.

For the longest time, the Wang’ombe marriage has been riddled with dishonesty, suspicions and debt. Then by a stroke of luck, their fortunes changed. However, their newfound wealth hasn’t improved their relationship. In fact, it has made things worse.

Here are some things that have happened to them so far:

  1. As soon as the Wang’ombes got money, word went around the village and many of the people they owed came knocking at their door to collect what was owed to them.
  2. The mistrust between them increased which left no room for them to enjoy their newfound wealth.
  3. Tired of living in the village, they decided to move to a neighbourhood befitting their new status as a wealthy couple. Mrs. Wang’ombe worked extra hard to hide large sums of money from her husband in their massive mansion.

  1. Although their business of selling land was thriving, Mr. Wan’gombe opted to keep the same clothes he has always had, while his wife splurged on new clothes for herself.
  2. As they tried to fit into their new neighbourhood, the Wang’ombes soon realised that money could not buy them the acceptance they crave so badly.
  3. After Mr. Wan’gombe was misdiagnosed with COVID, a tight-fisted Mrs. Wan’gombe struggled with the decision of whether to seek treatment for him or let him die. In her head, letting him die would be the cheaper option.

Will the Wan’gombes ever find peace and happiness? Be sure to find out on Varshita every Wednesday at 7:30 pm only on DStv 158 and GOtv 4.