Mfalme Zurui feigns his death – Pete

11 February 2022
He used this strategy to reveal his true love.
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How do you tell if your partner truly loves you? Mfalme Zurui faked his death to find out who among his four wives truly loved him. With the help of his right-hand man Al Amin, Zurui got them to believe he is dying.


His first wife Binti Zamzam did everything in her power to help him and be by his side. His second wife Mose wanted him dead so that she could usurp his authority. His last two wives asked for a divorce.


Zurui fulfilled their wish and on his ‘death bed’ divorced his younger wives. He then faked a heart attack which caused even more friction between his first wife Zamzam and his second wife Bi Mose. The former tried all ways and means to help him stay alive, while the latter was already planning how she would take over the island after his death.


Watch the moments here:

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