Meet The Cast- Ngahiha Cia Wendo

28 September 2015

Have you seen the exciting video promo for the new Kikuyu series Ngahiha Cia Wendo?

Although the Agikuyu language may resonate only to some, the show definitely speaks out to everyone and the day to day struggles of life that most of us face.

Ngahiha Cia Wendo is a local Kikuyu vernacular comedy drama revolving around the lives of three childhood friends brought up in the up country who move to the city in search of better lives, however what transpires for them is a life full of mischief, uncertainty and misplaced hopes.

Their relationships are nothing special either, as they all find themselves trapped in unending quagmires with their loved ones. For them, life is a big ball of trouble and the love they have come to learn is a mystery that can never be realized!

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But before we get into all that, it will be great to meet the cast don't you agree?

Meet Mike and Muthoni!

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Mike is a bus driver living a life beyond his means thanks to his disgruntled wife Muthoni who seems to know all his buttons and will not relent pressing them for her own interests, the outcome is a man living life through the motions without any passion or hopes.



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Muthoni is a loud go getter and extremely selfish cynic who would do anything to satisfy her interests even if it means putting others on the line, she believes that life is all about her.


We'll be introducing the couples on a weekly basis, and encourage you to watch the first episode on Friday, 2nd Oct at 7.30pm on DStv 158 or GOtv 4


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