Meet the band members — Sol Family

30 November 2020
How did Savara, Chimano, Bien and Polycarp meet? Read on…
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It all started at Upper Hill Secondary School where Chimano and Bien were classmates and coincidentally discovered that they were distant cousins. Savara and Polycarp were in different classes at the same school, but they all got to know each other better after they joined the school’s music club.

Willis Chimano

After completing high school, they each went on different paths. Chimano, the most outspoken -from the group enrolled at the University of Nairobi where he studied journalism. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree, he had a brief stint in journalism but later left to pursue his music career.

Chimano, a creative soul at heart, never shies away from speaking his mind. Although he is widely recognised for his unique baritone voice, he is also a saxophonist and plays the keyboard too.


Polycarp Otieno

Polycarp was born to be a guitarist. The hours he spent learning, refining and mastering his guitar earned him the appropriate title “Fancy Fingers”. He is also a producer, a fitness guru and a vegan. 

Polycarp was born and raised in Kariobangi South and grew up listening to Lingala music. In his free time, he enjoys drawing, painting and rocking his son to sleep.

Bienaime Alusa

Bien is a talented wordsmith and his passion for music continuously pushes him to chase excellence. His music career blossomed while he was studying journalism at the United States International University. This outspoken artist enjoys pushing the boundaries in every aspect of his life and his favourite animal is the rooster, which is also the band's logo.

Savara Mudigi

Savara is a versatile artist that can adapt to many roles. He plays multiple instruments and is a talented producer. He studied banking and finance at the African Nazarene University and his interest in business led him to enroll at Standford University to take part in the Seed Transformation Programme.

About the group

Sauti Sol is known for famous hits such as Kuliko Jana, Midnight Train, Short and Sweet, Melanin, Extravaganza, Suzanna, Soma Kijana and many more.

Their music transcends borders and has led them to conquer African and international stages. They have headlined several festivals and have even played for world leaders such as Ban Ki-Moon, former US president Barack Obama and President Uhuru Kenyatta.


This year, Sauti Sol was planning to conquer more world stages. However, COVID-19 put a stop to their travel plans, forcing them to regroup and work out a different strategy. How will they cope during the lockdown and will they still find ways to produce award-winning music?


Be sure to watch Sol Family every Thursday at 7:30 pm on Maisha Magic East channel 158 and GOtv channel 4 to find out.