Meet the cast: Gizani

31 August 2016
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This September it's all about new and 'never seen before' productions on your local entertainment leader, Maisha Magic East.

Produced by the AMVCA 2016 nominee Ann Hamburger, and directed by Henry Lenga, Gizani tells the story of a house girl who cunningly receives love form a son and his father… but a bit too much as they both want to marry her. How can this be?

Well before we get to see what happens in the movie on 14th of September, let's meet the cast behind this exciting production!


He is a renowned actor who has been in the industry since 1976 and done several productions like Tunaishi Mjini Masaibu, Like father like son, Sumu, Moyo Nuru among others

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In the movie, Michael Kuta is a 50 year old man and a reputable businessman who owns several companies. He loves his family, but all changes when the new house girl Cindy comes in to their lives and turns his life upside down.


She is an upcoming artist who has done several movies and series with different Producers like Nira, Arosto, Habibu etc.

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Rose Kuta is beautiful,very polite and humble. For this reason, people take advantage of her.She loves her family unconditionally and will stick to them through thick and thin.

ALI KUBO as Mark Kuta

He is a young and upcoming artist who has done a few movies and series. He was recently awarded the best actor in Mombasa County. He has acted in Masaibu, Pendo Mombasati etc.

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Mark Kuta is a 30 year old graduate in Business Management. Handsome, loving man, very hard working and obedient to all but his attitude changes when Cindy comes into his life and falls in love with her. He swears to do anything for her even if it means abandoning his own family.

Eunice Rimba  as Cindy Kweli

She is an upcoming artist has done a series and several movies like Utandu,Consequences,Lulu etc.

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Cindy Kweli is beautiful and with an innocent face. She is secretly a call girl but came to the Kutas as a house girl.Very manipulative and heartless, she can do anything for money. She was hired to the Kutas house to destroy them and rip them off their wealth.

VERITY WAKILO as Benta Limbo

A veteran in the film industry done several TV series with the late Ashiner Kibibi and other different producers

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Benta Limbo is a beautiful but heartless murderer who kills for money. She is envious of  her best friend Rose who is living a happy life, while she is all alone and bankrupt so she decides to destroy Rose and her entire family by sending a call girl to her family. She manages destroy Rose's family and her happiness.

So there we have it. Please save the date for 'GIZANI' premiering on the 14th of September at 9.15pm

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