A look at the sizzling cast of Side by Side!

11 August 2015
Couverture L A L

Winner of the 'Best Telenovela' Category in 2013, Emmy Award winning  'Side by Side' continues its epic journey through the late 19 Century and brings us the sizzling story of the survival of two women ahead of their time,  at a moment of great political and social transformation.

Two worlds, Co-existing and Co-dependent. Luxury and simplicity. Forbidden love, lies, deceit, desperation, and the undying power of divine connection.  Love unfailing through the years.

Meet the Star studded Cast!

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Isabel played by the lovely Camila Pitanga is the lead Co-star to Laura ( Marjorie Estiano). She is from humble beginnings and knows the value of hardwork and dedication to a peaceful humble life. Isabel meets Ze Maria (Lazaro Ramos),a 'A Capoeira' An intriguing man who practices a secret martial arts form that he hopes will gain recognition and acceptance. They fall in love and in a twist of fate, they are seperated. Ze Maria is confronted by trouble and lands in the hands of the law.



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Laura, a child of privledge and promise leads a humble life and pursues her desire to be a teacher. She is betrothed to a wealthy Baron Edgar

( Taigo Fragoso) by her socialite mother Constancia (Patricia Pillar) and contrary to the expectation of an arranged marriage, they falll madly in love.

The two women grow close, Isabel bears a child, She leaves to build her career in Dance. She becomes a great success but her life is full of sadness until she returns.

Will love stand the test of time? Will Berenice (Sheron Mennes) succeed in poisoning this beautiful romance?

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