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21 May 2018
Everything is coming together on MAZA. Here are your reactions thus far.
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MAZA's storyline in the past weeks has been an intriguing one - full of interesting developments. 

KWAME’s soul brought chaos into the DINGO’s mansion and it blamed BADI for all its trouble and refuses to get out of HANNAH body. BADI’s magic fails on HANNAH and sought further intervention back at the village.

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LEO and MAYA's relationship was in jeopardy due to NYOTA's presence. Has someone sent her to destroy their relationship?

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Meanwhile in the village,  several trends of uncertainity begin to unravel. What is the source of all the evil and envy? As all the pieces start falling together, KATE opens her eyes - an obvious sign that she's actually alive!

We were then taken down memory lane to the source of all the envy hate and pain. It had to do with the choices of one man - BABU TUNDE.  He had good intentions but his actions proved to create a mixed web of emotions.

Here are some of the reactions from MAZA fans:

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Meanwhile, Leo had one question for Maya

So this week, some questions are still left answered:

  • What will happen to LEO and MAYA's relationship?
  • Will KATE seek revenge?
  • Where will PILI get help from for her daughter HANNAH?

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