Maza | Week 28 May Highlights

04 June 2018
LEA finds out the truth about her father and the truth about NYOTA is revealed.
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Previously on MAZA, LEO and MAYA's relationship was in jeopardy because of NYOTA. Then, PILI was wondering where to seek help for her daughter HANNAH because she had been possessed by KWAME'S spirit. They resort to go to the village to seek the help of the elders. 

While in the village, LEA finds out the truth about her father and is torn between the past she knows and the reality she sees. BADI also finds the revelations rather disturbing as he struggles to understand the truth compared to what BABU MBARU has been teaching him.

The truth about NYOTA tests LEO's trust in MAYA and their relationship - and it’s on the verge of breaking. 

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ZARI on the other hand keen to leave the hospital, pressures her husband WAKILI to take her and the baby home. However, he is reluctant because his house is about to be repossessed. To buy time, WAKILI lies to ZARI about the real situation as he tries and put every effort to save the house. His efforts however prove fruitless. 


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In the village, BABA TUNDE cannot resist the urge to fight for his right, and BABA MBARU lures him into the spotlight.

Then HANNAH is healed but BABU MBARU does the unexpected with KWAME’s spirit, BADI must take his family out of the village before the worst happens. Later, KWAME's spirit rests on none other than MZEE KOMBO!

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When LEA finally arrives home, she is tired and disturbed about the truth about her father and seeks the comfort of her husband, DINGO.

WAKILI is forced to put up ZARI and the baby in a hotel and she does not feel comfortable at all. She checks out of the hotel and goes home - and it finally dawns on her what is happening. Their house is up for sale and the locks have been changed! This situation does not go down well with her and she demands an explanation. 

As things get tough for ZARI,  FAZA pays her a visit which makes WAKILI suspicious.

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Then MAYA's relationship with LEO continues to fall apart, and NYOTA continues to taunt her. MAYA loses it and they get into a fight and when then the truth about NYOTA is finally revealed. She turns into a cat!

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