Maza | Week 25 June Highlights

29 June 2018
Here's what happened this week on MAZA
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KATE’s arrival sends LEA’s family into an emotional trauma. Even without her powers, KATE is able to traumatize everyone out of fear. She now claims for DINGO’s love and affection. She is no longer interested in LEA’s offer to share their father’s wealth. But FAZA is not ready to let her reign again. He wants to fight KATE with the truth to protect LEO’s future, however, how manipulative she plays towards LEO.

This is what happened this week:

LEO and MAYA try to mend their relationship. LEA’s relationship with the rest of the family is a concern. WAKILI is traumatized by his son’s revelation.

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LEA’s rage and misconceptions towards PILI and the rest of the family are getting out of hand. This makes PILI miss, LABAN and HANNAH more.

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Then KATE is frustrated with FAZA’s existence and therefore goes to the village to seek help. 

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ZARI is upset when WAKILI refuses to help DINGO divorce KATE, she does the unexpected. BIBI suggests to KATE that she must work with BADI to end FAZA. BADI’s seizures are back!

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BADI is on a journey which leaves the family in great concern. KATE’s trickery to use LEO against FAZA fails. She now attempts to find out about LEA’s force of bravery from SAFARI.

KATE is in search of BADI to fulfill her vengeance on FAZA. BADI’s quest leads him to an adventurous path where he meets BABU TUNDE. DINGO’s constant outings worry LEA, PILI does the unexpected to find out the truth.

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