Maza, Pete and Stori Yangu end this month

25 March 2019
Don't miss the season finales on the 29th of March.
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This month we will be saying goodbye to the following shows:


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Synopsis: In a bid to succeed the Funzi Chief, a rift ensues between his two sons: Mbura and Jasiri. As Mbura struggles to have a grip on the chieftaincy, Jasiri pursues the apple of his eye, Nuru. As Nuru dilly-dallies, a mermaid, Safria, comes to the island in search of the ring (Pete), and on noticing Jasiri, wins him to her side. The struggle for love and the ring takes twists and turns. 

  • Will Jasiri take the ring from Mbura or will Safira get it first?
  • Will Jasiri and Nuru get together or will he end up with Safira?
  • Will Karembo continue to stay in the palace or will Nimimi evict her?

Make a date with us on 29 March at 9:30 pm only on DStv 158 and GOtv 4!


Stori Yangu

This series documents influential and notable personalities in Kenya giving us an in-depth look into their lives. Here are some of the personalities we have interviewed:

Premiere Episode: Gospel artist Emmy Kosgei

Journalist Janet Mbugua



Synopsis: It takes two to tango and three is a crowd. Dingo is in a pool of double spouse drama. Lea is driven by anger, pride and wealth, then Kate uses this to her advantage and for the fact that she knows Lea's secret with Laban, gives her an extra milestone in her fight to victory.

But things start getting worse when she is accidentally injected with a toxic concoction meant for Lea. This makes her mad and she ends up in a mental hospital. Will she come back to have her last fight?

Find out on Friday 29 March at 7:30 pm only on DStv 158 and GOtv 4.