Maisha Mkanda returns to Maisha Magic East

23 August 2022
The documentary series premiered on 7 August at 7:30 pm.
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Maisha Mkanda is a character-driven documentary series that examines various current issues of interest to the Kenyans. Season 3 premiered this month, and it will expand on some of the stories from seasons 1 and 2.

The premiere episode revisited the story of Emma Wanyotta, a woman who was brutally murdered by someone known to the family. The episode also featured the story of Alice and the challenges she faced after her husband died, leaving her to raise her mentally challenged children alone.

Catch the full story here:

Here’s how the fans reacted to these stories:

GeorginAlice Kahiga

My heart went out to Nancy's mother who does not have a gravesite for her daughter. How fresh tears fill her eyes every time she remembers her daughter, the house she was constructing and how cows "walk over" her daughter. Sad stories.

Essy Kurraru

Let's justice prevail to wanyotta's family .....they really need that closure ??

Arwa Were

I'm glad some got assistance, they're still pushing through.

Martha Damacline Keroro

I shed tears to all stories, that lady who was robbed of her twin sister

Gichuku Njiruh

Touching. I even shed tears. May God see those families through. The lady who lost her husband and has 2 autism kids is a strong lady.

The next episode featured the story of Mary Akatsa, the controversial Kenyan prophetess who was thought to have healing powers. She made headlines in 1988 when it was widely reported that she had brought Jesus to her church. Her childhood, rise to prominence and close interactions with former powerful politicians were all highlighted in the episode.

Watch her interview here:

Maisha Mkanda airs every Sunday at 7:30 pm only on Maisha Magic East CH 158 and GOtv CH 4.