Maisha Mkanda and This Love and come to an end

28 March 2022
The shows end on Sunday 27 March at 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm respectively.
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The much-loved documentary series Maisha Mkanda and This Love, a series that spotlighted the lives of music legends Wahu and Nameless, end this Sunday. Both shows have entertained, educated and informed you, our valued audience, ever since they premiered.

Here are two standout moments from each show, as we say goodbye:

The Bungoma Butcher – Maisha Mkanda

This episode was one of the most talked-about of the season and shocked everyone to the core. The story was about Kenya’s most infamous child killer Masten Milimo Wanjala. He admitted to killing young boys in a blood lust he never got a chance to explain. Here’s how our audience reacted to this story.

Ann Omwomo

Na vivo ndivo nilikosana na Wanjala Wangu..ogopa Wanjalas

Willis Okeyo

Psychopaths are born but sociopaths are created by society!!

Jay Kay Kay

This was pure cult! Wanjala died but nobody bothered to find out his accomplishment! So watoto wetu wataendelea tu kuwawa na kutolewa kafara!

Oliver Rach

This masten was just a coolant, the real killer is somewhere just chilling or perhaps continuing through someone else....

Polycarp Yugi

I still believe the killer is still alive just doing his calculation for a comeback, this guy was just a shadow

Caroline Mwangi

He was killed the same way he killed the children...fimbo ni ile Ile, served hot

Watch the chilling episode here:

In our hearts forever ­ – This love

On March 16, 2003, Nameless was involved in a grisly road accident in which he lost his dear friend, brother and popular musician E-Sir. In that episode, Nameless celebrated his friend’s life by visiting his family and the graveside. They also remembered Wahu’s late dad and reminisced about the beautiful moments they shared with their loved ones when they were still alive.

Watch the moments here:

If you missed any of the episodes, catch them all on. Showmax. Click here to binge.

Be sure to look out for thrilling new shows such as Crime and Justice and Salem which will both premiere in April on Maisha Magic Plus CH 163 and GOtv Supa CH 8.