Maisha Magic Movies Weekend Binge List!

08 June 2022
A breakdown of must-see movies this weekend!

Whether you have a jam-packed weekend planned and need to unwind after or have a chilled weekend with zero plans, we are here to keep you company. This weekend Maisha Magic Movies bring you the best bingeworthy movies straight from East Africa.


Start your weekend early with us this Friday with the following line up:

  • Mkubwa Part 1 at 1:30pm EAT

This story follows a cruel government official who rules his village with an iron fist, soon the villagers decide that enough is enough and decide to revolt against him.

  • Mkubwa Part 2 at 2:45pm EAT

Part two is a continuation of Mkubwa part one.

  • Maiti Kaoza at 3:25pm EAT

This story follows two witches who make a pact that soon goes wrong after one of the women’s husbands resurrects soon after they try to kill him.

  • Matuga at 4:45pm EAT

This is a friendship story, that goes wrong after one person betrays the other over money.

  • Njia Mbaya at 6:15pm EAT

This story follows a young man trying to seek revenge after his land is stolen


Saturday continues with jam-packed entertainment with three new movies to binge.

  • Village Bella, The at 1:30pm EAT

This is a story about a young lady, Bella, who is the village goddess. She falls in love with a young man called, Xavier and her father doesn’t approve of this, and the couple is forced to run away to get married.

  • Wachawi Weusi at 4pm EAT

This story is about two witches who fall in love with a human man and find themselves in a predicament.

  • Double Shift (Nafrica) at 8:50pm

This is a story of a young man who meets a woman and falls in love with her despite him still being married.



Finally on Sunday, we help you relax and get ready for the week ahead with three bingeworthy movies in our line-up.

  • Wajumbe wa Kijiji 12:45pm EAT

This story revolves around a married that gets in trouble with their village after spreading some false news around.

  • Kilimani at 7:25pm EAT

This story is a woman who gets accused of being a witch after she mysteriously gives birth.

  • Hamnazo at 8:25pm EAT

This is a story of love about a couple who try to keep their relationship together after both of their families try to separate them.

Which day’s movies are you most looking forward to? Tell us below ?

This week's pick! - Maisha Magic Movies

What movies are most looking forward to this week? Tell us below

Mid-week movies40%
Saturday Drama33%
Sunday Family Movie Night27%

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