Maisha Magic Movies comes to DStv Access this February!

10 February 2022
Valentine’s Day is coming and so is Maisha Magic Movies for viewers on the DStv Access package.
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That’s right! From 14 February 2022, the home of authentic East African movies will be open to DStv subscribers on all packages.

Currently available to DStv Compact, DStv Compact Plus and DStv Premium subscribers, Maisha Magic Movies (Channel 141) is the go-to destination for movie lovers of every taste, and from February 14, no one will be left out of the fun. Take this as our Valentine's Day gift to you!

“We are excited about the highly anticipated and exciting change and extremely pleased to expand the channel to the DStv Access package. As Africa’s most loved storyteller, Maisha Magic Movies will continue to further entrench itself in the market and be accessible in most households. We work tirelessly with content creators to bring premium authentic movies featuring our own local stars, made by our own top talents – both known and upcoming and this is just the final step in ensuring that the hard work becomes accessible to everyone,” said Barbara Kambogi, Channel Head.

Kambogi further stated that MultiChoice is proud to be spearheading the creation of local movies that instil and bring back pride in consuming East African content that resonates, whilst nourishing the creative industry and empowering content curators socially and economically.

Some of the brilliant, original East African movies that viewers can look forward to in this month of love are:

Contract Love

Release date: 14 February

Director: Dr. Zippy Okoth

Starring: George Mo, Sharon Chelangat, Gadwill Odhiambo

After accepting a caregiving job, a young law student begins to fall for her boyfriend's uncle. (Romantic Drama, Kenya)


Release date: 15 February

Director: Cissy Nalumansi

Starring: Gloria Catherine Namboozo, Nabagereka Faridah, Riverdan Rugaju

An orphaned girl fights against all odds to claim her land inheritance from her wicked stepmother. (Drama, Uganda)


Release date: 16 February

Director: Philipo Ngonyani

Starring: Catherine Credo, Sweetbertha Kahana, Magdalena Christopher

A spoilt rich girl struggles to fit in the rural ghetto after her fraudulent parents are locked up in jail, leaving her homeless and penniless. (Drama, Tanzania)


Release date: 17 February

Director: Likarion Wainaina

Starring: Emmanuel Mugo, Jacky Kaboi, Foi Wambui

A young up-and-coming corporate lady becomes the target of a social media influencer after she rejects his advances. (Thriller, Kenya)

24 Hours

Release date: 18 February

Director: Matthew Nabwiso

Starring: Eleanor Nabwiso, Alexon Audax, Fenando Kamugisha

A desperate mother has to free her son who has been kidnapped by a man obsessed with her. (Drama/Thriller, Uganda)


Release date: 19 February

Director: Neema Ndepanya

Starring: Wema Sepetu, Omary Mohamed, Tunu Mbegu

A determined human rights lawyer has to fight against the law and her own family when her sister's life is threatened by her abusive husband. (Drama, Tanzania)


Release date: 20 February

Director: Tevin Kimathi

Starring: Tumbi Mwasi, Kennedy Kimuli, Kennedy Luyali

Faustian, a documentary filmmaker, embarks on a journey to uncover the truth behind his girlfriend's death. (Drama, Kenya)

Pieces of Me

Release date: 21 February

Director: Nsubuga Nicholas

Starring: Nana Kagga, Prynce Joel Okuyo

After a public scandal, a washed-up actress escapes the city, only to have an accident that leaves her in a rural farm with no recollection of her famous career. (Drama/Thriller, Uganda)

Joyce's Dream

Release date: 22 February

Director: Adam Juma

Starring: Maria Mosess Pazia, Kojack Chilo, Sauda Mbuya

After her school is permanently closed, an 11-year-old girl becomes a self-taught farmer in order to lift herself and her family from financial struggles. (Drama, Tanzania)

Over My Dead Body

Release date: 23 February

Director: David Waronja

Starring: Steve Mwangi, Jackie Waime, Stephen Ngamau

After a successful run of raising cash by faking an illness, four friends decide to hit the jackpot by faking the death of one of their own – but things soon take a wrong turn. (Dramedy, Kenya)


Release date: 24 February

Director: Esteri Tebandeke

Starring: Suubi Nalwanga, Sharon Karungi, Linda Nabasa

An ambitious girl from a low-class background claws her way to internet fame. (Dark Comedy, Uganda)

Alifu kwa Ujiti

Release date: 25 February

Director: Tom Johns

Starring: Ayoub Kondo Bombwe, Neema Walele, Salha Abdulkarim Mkekena

An angry alcoholic is blamed for the kidnapping of missing local virgin girls after his return home from the military. Soon, his own kid is kidnapped, forcing him to find the perpetrator. (Mystery Drama, Tanzania)


Release date: 26 February

Director: Njue Kevin

Starring: Sharon Mwangi, Bryanna Wanjiku, Nick Ndeda, Eravuna Wycliffe

In order to save the life of her sister, a YouTuber must uncover the identity of a cyber stalker as he exposes her secrets to her growing online community. (Mystery Thriller, Kenya)

Dead Respect

Release date: 27 February

Director: Hosea Jemba

Starring: Jeff Roberts Walusimbi, Nisha Kalema, Matthew Kavuma

Brian’s near-perfect career and life take a worrying twist when one morning he wakes up to find invisible people talking to him. (Comedy Horror, Uganda)


Release date: 28 February

Director: Hatibu Yusuph Madudu

Starring: Juma Nkwabi, Tishi Abdallah, Junior Severine

After being sexually abused by his uncle, a 13-year-old deaf boy attempts to reveal the truth, only to find out that everyone chooses to be silent. (Drama, Tanzania)

There you have it! From heart-breaking emotional drama to comedy, romance and action, Maisha Magic Movies has it all this February! DStv channel 141 is now available to DStv Access viewers from the 14 February 2022, so make sure to stay connected so you don’t miss out on all the fun.