Maisha Magic East viewers define L.O.V.E!

18 February 2021
Love is a complex word that can be defined in different ways by different people.
Month of Love MMB

For others, love is an action while others define it is a feeling expressed. It doesn’t matter what you choose to express love as, it is clear that everyone has an opinion. For the month of love, we decided to ask Maisha Magic East viewers to define what love is. Here is a collection of responses from across our social media pages:


  1. “Love is understanding and accepting someone as they are, embracing them with their shortcomings” - @lycan_r
  2. “Being able what I have selflessly” [email protected]
  3. “Love is when you still care for them even when they have broken your heart” [email protected]
  4. “Selina and Nelson (from Selina on Maisha Magic east) define love to me very clearly” - @_redberry._
  5. “Love is sacrifice, pain, patience, love is sharing and honesty” - @seracourtez
  6. “When someone loves you, they do not control you, understands you, spoils you and is there for you” - @fenic.the.don
  7. “Love is a feeling or affection towards something or someone” - @estherambuso
  8. “Love is when you love someone and be happy when they are happy and doing the unthinkable for them” - @a.n.ntrapping
  9. “Love is the FEELING when you FEEL the FEELINGS you have never felt before” - @elizasonge
  10. “Love is when you care for someone regardless of what they did to you” - @afuamawunyo


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