Maisha Magic East fans share their craziest publictransport stories - Njoro wa Uba

06 January 2021
In the fast-paced city of Nairobi, public transportation is always filled with drama. Our Maisha Magic East viewers shared some of their craziest experiences with us.
Njoro wa uba solo shots (22)

Njoro has had his fair shares of interesting encounters as a driver. From driving kidnapped people, spoilt brats and fighting couples, he’s seen it all. We have all followed his journey thus far and enjoyed every moment of it. With most Kenyans relying heavily on public transportation such as buses, taxies and motorcycles, it’s no wonder that our Maisha Magic East fans are never short of interesting and funny stories to share as they watch their favourite show Njoro wa Uba on #MaishaMagicEast.

Here are our top five picks:

1. "Raia walifukuza karau kwa gari, akitaka kula hongo na watu wamechelewa kwenda kazini" - @jaysstores

2. "Too much pda, it was awakward" - @risi_koi

3. "In a matatu ni kukaanisha na msee hamjauani and just from no where anaanza kukupea story sijui anga oooh, with that, so I just jibu ok, waah, wee, sawa and sometimes nacheka place haifai coz my mind is far and i don't want kumwmbia asinipee story." - @dai_piks254

4. "Dodging conductor using old receipt. I took Kenya bus to get to school but when the inspector came one had to pay the fare... I think I used mine to buy sweets" - @taby499

5. "The driver had smelly feet"  - @t_ev_o

Njoro wa Uba airs every Thursday at 8pm on Maisha Magic East. Do not forget to tune in for more crazy rides.