Maggie ni mjamzito — Selina

21 July 2019
...and the father of the child is Biko.
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Just when Biko thinks things are going well for him and Selina, he receives news that Maggie is pregnant! Wondering how, where, when and where it happened, Maggie jogs his memory, taking him back to a time when he was drunk. He went into Maggie's room thinking she was Selina. Biko denies it all and says she took advantage of him.

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Despite the rejection,  Maggie is looking forward to being a mother and even starts shopping for new baby clothes. Selina is concerned about her unusual behavior and asks what is wrong with her. She breaks the news to her and Selina is shocked!

"Mumekuwa na affair na Biko? Biko ni bwanangu"!. She states but later adds that he has to take responsibility for the pregnancy. 

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Biko, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with the pregnancy and sends Maggy packing but he is stopped by Selina. 

Patricia is concerned about her son Nelson..she wants him to move on. She has an unusual request for Selina: "fanyia Nelson kitu ndio akusahau". How will she do that?

While Patricia was at the restaurant, she notices Rosette, a beautiful girl who seems to be relating well with people. On her way out, Patricia trips and almost falls and Rosette comes to her rescue. She later invites her for tea...and being the loving mother to Nelson that she is, she can immediately feel she's the right girl for her son. 

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Nelson nae believes there's something doesn't add up in Selina and Biko's relationship. He sneaks into their room and finds them sleeping in different beds. He tries to get her to tell her what is wrong and even tells her he wants her back.

"Tutafungua ukurasa mpya na tuanze maisha mapya...he promises her.

He then decorates their backyard with rose flower petals, painting a romantic scene and waits for Selina to join him.  Selina remembering what she promised Patricia decides to honor Biko's dinner invitation, leaving Nelson high and dry.

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Heartbroken, Nelson decides to drink by the pool and accidentally falls inside and starts drowning. When Selina returns from dinner, she finds Nelson half-drowned in the pool and saves him. After resuscitating him, Nelson wakes up and embraces her. Patricia sees that from her bedroom window, walks down the stairs and reprimands Selina again saying

"you made your bed, now lie in it. I will take matters in my own hands".

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Does this mean that she will invite Rosette over? Follow the drama every Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm on DStv 158 and GOtv 4.