"Kwani naishi na roomate"? — Selina

17 February 2020
....ama nilijioa?
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Maggy is tired. Despite her trying to be nice to her husband Biko, he seems to be preoccupied with other things...namely Selina. Maggy is wondering what plan they could be hatching. Or could they still be seeing each other privately?

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Maggy waits for Biko to come home and tells him the above. And he resolves to do better as a man and husband. 

The next morning Maggy wakes us to a surprise baby shower that her husband has put together! Her sadness is quickly turned to happiness when she is made to feel like the queen she is.

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There's however one problem. Biko Selina and Rebecca have been waiting to nail Messina for a long time. Messina (who thinks they work for a rich tycoon) abruptly calls and wants to meet. This leaves Biko to either postpone the baby shower, cancel the plan with Selina and Rebecca or rush through the shower and join his crew. 

He decides on the later. How will he pull it off? How will Maggy react?

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