Koneli and Ronny's story — OPW

10 January 2020
They met 2 years ago, during a worship service.
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Ronny noticed her first and boldly walked to say hello, Konelli, on the other hand, was not interested as she thought Ronny was married. It was not love at first sight for her as she was sure Ronny was not her type. She took a break from church and they fell out of touch when she moved to Kitale. Ronny went ahead to look for her on social media, he sent her a message asking her for a date. She accepted thinking they were catching up about church. 


When Konelli arrived at the venue where they were to meet, she ended up waiting for one hour for Ronny. When he finally arrived, he expressed his feelings for her but Konelli didn't felt he wasn't her type. Ronny was not about to give up on her. As they went from one date to the other Konelli fell in love with his firm character and they started courting. 

Later Ronny proposed to Konelli (in a parking lot) and she said yes!

Here are some moments of their big day:


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