‘Kesi yako imeisha’ – Njoro Wa Uba

28 September 2021
Is Njoro finally a free man?

This week Odanga, Njoro’s lawyer, shared some good news with Njoro that he was finally a free man. Njoro got fired from his corporate position at the bank after being implicated in a fraud case. Since then, Njoro had been trying in vain to get this dark sport removed from his life.

What led to the charges being dropped? Odanga explained that the bank was bought by new owners who didn’t want any cases that would ruin their new brand image. So Njoro’s case was one of those that were withdrawn but there was a catch – Njoro’s name was not cleared yet.  The records still showed that he was a criminal. To clear his name, Odanga suggested that he sues the bank and use the money he gets to clear his name.

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Should Njoro sue the bank and use the money to clear his name?


A thrilled Njoro could not contain himself! He phoned his girlfriend Mwajuma straightaway and shared the good news with her. Before he could tell her the full story, one of his customers called him and Mwajuma dropped the line. She was irritated by the fact that their special moments kept on being interrupted by people in his life.

Njoro decided to head to Mombasa to surprise her, but he was on the receiving end of a shocking surprise instead. When he knocked on Mwajuma’s door a man answered. Does this mean that Mwajuma has called it quits with Njoro? Has she moved on?

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