Kate’s domination continues while Keisy is on a roll — Maza

21 January 2019
Kate wants to control everyone - but for how long?
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Kate wants everyone to accept that Abel is her son with Dingo and she will do anything for everyone to accept that.

At work, she gives Maya a hard time which drives her mad because her father is not helping the situation. Leo learns about her mother’s behavior and he too is upset and advices Maya to start their own company. Badi’s and Leo’s work relationship is not all rosy and they occasionally disagree and argue.

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At the mental hospital, Lea is trying to remain sane while pulling off sleek moves, such as advising Maya and Badi on how to deal with their father and Kate.

Zari’s trust issues with Wakili continue, thanks to Keisy who’s fanning the doubts to her. She cannot understand how close his relationship with Kate is and seeks Lea’s help.

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At work, Keisy is promoted and she throws a surprise party for Laban. She also continues to be aggressive towards Wakili, leading him to resign from the company.

Hannah is suspicious about her father’s closeness to Keisy, but Laban plays it safe. Pili seeks her sister's help and she advises her to tell her daughter the truth. She is however hesitant as she cannot find the right words to tell her.

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Pili is not ready to give up on her marriage and she is convinced that Keisy does not mean well. She tries to tell Laban, but he won’t listen.

What will it take for Laban to see through Keisy’s intentions? What action will Zari take to safeguard her relationship with Wakili and her son Abel?

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