Karembo is sentenced to death – Pete

19 July 2021
…for beating up Nimimi.
pete, karembo, karembo and nimimi fight

Tensions have been high between Karembo and Nimimi ever since Mbura, Nimimi’s partner had an affair with Karembo and almost legally married her. This caused tension between the two and was made worse when Nimimi fell pregnant.

Mfalme Zurui, Nimimi’s father arranged for his daughter to move to Kin’gamboni, his kingdom. When Mbura went to visit and officially request to marry pregnant Nimimi, he was subjected to hard labour to the point that he gave up hope of ever marrying his true love. To make matters worse, he found out that he is not the true heir of the Funzi kingdom, and he also lost his son. This change in their family dynamics led Mfalme Zurui to want to marry his daughter off to the prince of the nearby kingdom.

Mbura did not handle this news well. He then moved back to Funzi and his mental health deteriorated to the point where he became mad and violent. Karembo then used this opportunity to find her way back into his arms. She decided to care for him at the hospital and at home.

This news soon reached Nimimi and she quickly left Kin’gamboni for Funzi to fight for her man. The bruises she inflicted on Karembo were so severe that she had to seek treatment in Bodo. After she felt better, Karembo went to Kin’gamboni to seek revenge on Nimimi.

She then beat up Nimimi, an action that infuriated Mfalme Zurui so much that he sentenced her to death by beheading. Efforts to convince him otherwise bore no fruit. Does this mean this is the end of Karembo?

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