Karembo atumia dawa kuvutia Mbura — Pete

11 October 2019
Bundez wants Karembo back at the palace. He gets medicine which Karembo uses to woo Mbura back to her life.
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Karembo's father Bundez gave her the following instructions:

Osha mikono

Osha uso..

Fuliza moja kwa moja hadi kwa Mbura...kila utakacho sema..atakusikiza!

And true to his words, Mbura listened to her and heard her side of the story. Little does he and Nimimi know that she is trying to weave her way back to his life. 

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The timing is far from perfect for Nimimi, who is planning a renewal of vows 'wedding" with Mbura. Her mood is further ruined when Mbura calls out Karembo's name in his sleep. Earlier in the day, he had visited Karembo at her house...does this mean the medicine is working? How will this pan out?

Raziya on the other hand continues to be close to Sitara so that she can get the ring. Will she succeed in getting it? 

Safira and Nuru continue fighting for Jasiri. Bi Komo, as usual, has great advice for her mjukuu Nuru. This is what she tells her:

Tia bidii uwe karibu na Jasiri. Mwanamke ni shaba na mwanamume ni dhahabu haichakai

Msiri's health condition worsens and he collapses before Kiza. When he regains his senses, he requests Jasiri to bring him black soil from the next island. 

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 Karembo has finally decided to rejoin the villagers, will she be received well? Meanwhile, Bundez and Kiza hold their first case hearings na kuna mtu anaiba dera za wana kijiji. Who could it be?

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