Job's depression — Ma Empress

07 February 2020
Unknown to him and her besties, Job's depression has been taking a toll on Renee.
ma empress

Job has been jobless for a while. Despite Renee trying everything in her power to lift his spirits up, but it doesn't seem to work. She tries to confide in her friends but they are all busy with their own problems. Mama Zawadi (Denise) gets a visit from an old business associate that threatens to expose the real reason she went to live with Zawadi. He gives an offer she definitely does not want to accept.

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Crystal opts to troll one of Zawadi’s clients who do not take such intrusion kindly. Renee and Tasha try resolving the Tiff between Crystal and Zawadi and end up being pulled into it and actually paying for it. Meanwhile, Job is suspecting Renee and Eve to having affairs and seeks to find out where these persons are at and who they are.

In a strange show of love, Tasha pranks all the ladies. She sends Zawadi on a wild-goose chase, makes Renee her body-guard for the day, but Eve gets the worst prank of all. Crystal, being Tasha’s favorite, is in on everything. 

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Zawadi goes missing and it's up to Crystal and Tasha to find her only they don’t know where to start. But a phone call from a mysterious stranger sends them on an adventure no of them could have ever foreseen. Meanwhile, Job sends Eve a questionable text and regrets it immediately. He sets out to delete it after finding out Renee and Eve are together.

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Nothing cures a bad day, heartbreak or a stab in the back like a good cup of hot chocolate. The girls, the boys and Gwendelith are about to get the shock of their lives, but they figure out a way of dealing. Except Tasha and Joshua, who go to the extreme and leave town, but not before leaving a nasty surprise for Gwendelith.

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