Jessica and Joshua's story — OPW

19 April 2019
A good friend is one who comes through for you during your wedding.
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Imagine having friends that take care of most if not all your wedding arrangements financially? Well, Jessica and Joshua had such kind of friends. They threw them a tea-party to fundraise for their wedding and one of their friends gifted them with their honeymoon! Now that's what we call 'marafiki wa nguvu"!

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How their love started

Jessica has always envisioned and loved weddings whereas Joshua always perceived weddings to be expensive affairs. The two met at a movie shop while Jessica was out ranting about how she had not yet landed an internship opportunity yet she was running out of time. Joshua handed her his card and promised to help which he did. With time, Joshua noticed her unique qualities and this drew her closer to him. It, in turn, led to a friendship and later a relationship.

Wedding preparations and the ceremony

Their wedding budget was Kshs750,000 and for her dress, the bride settled for a tailor-made white dress. The groom and his men wore white khaki pants and top with the signature Nigerian hat known as Aso Oke.

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For her shoes, Jessica chose beautiful chic pink shoes to match her bridesmaid's pink outfits. 

When it came to the vows, both Jessica and Joshua read out their personalized vows out to each other. Here's part of Joshua's vows:

I promise to make you happy ...and make that nice tea that you like....ile ya maziwa mob. 

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Their 8-tier rich fruit cake topped with soft cream was to die for. Their over 750 guests enjoyed the whole ceremony as they witnessed Joshua dismantle bacheloursness in style. 

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