About: Jela 5-Star!

20 June 2017
Find out more about the show that premieres on MMEast on the 3rd of July!
<p>Jela 5 Star cast</p>

It is daunting for a woman to run a male correctional facility, but Madam Melba is not one to back away from a challenge. Her glorious past as a member of the Prison Service Boxing Team makes her a fierce disciplinarian, but beneath her tough exterior is a soft and humane woman whose philosophy is to advocate change by example. Melba’s regime operates on ‘extreme kindness’, deputized by two Warders. They watch over a motley collection of inmates, who include Mbogo - who has been in this prison forever and doubles up as in-house ‘Chef’; ‘Ghost’ - a habitual returnee who advises anyone who cares to listen on court processes; Odhis - a fitness freak who seeks to get everyone in shape and other casual inmates incarcerated for short periods, and who thus provide an essential link to the outside world.

Catch Jela 5-Star on Maisha Magic East from Monday to Wednesday at 8:30pm, starting July 3rd.

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